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  • DOMString

Related Concepts:

  • XForms selection attribute in select

Used in Roles:

  • combobox
  • textbox


  • token
    • inline: The system provides text after the caret as a suggestion for how to complete the field.
    • list: A list of choices appears from which the user can choose, but the edit box retains focus.
    • both: A list of choices appears and the currently selected suggestion also appears inline.
    • none (default): No input completion suggestions are provided.

Indicates whether user input completion suggestions are provided.

An aria-autocomplete property is used when the suggestions of user input items are known. 

To intimate the user that the text fields are not just text fields use aria-haspopup="true". Role="combobox" can also be used to provide an essence of a list items available along with the text field. Provide aria-readonly="true" when the author does not want the user to type in text field and only pick the option from the list available. It is used when the text field have aria-autocomplete="list". For aria-autocomplete="inline", aria-autocomplete="both" and of course for aria-autocomplete="none" aria-readonly should not be used or should be aria-readonly="false".

aria-autocomplete property has good support with JAWS 14 on Internet explorer 9, latest browsers of Google Chrome and Firefox. With NVDA 2013.3 Google Chrome has good support while remaining two browsers have partial support.

For a textbox with the aria-autocomplete attribute set to either inline or both, authors should ensure that any auto-completed text is selected, so the user can type over it.


<element aria-autocomplete="inline|list|both|none" ... /> 
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