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  • DOMString

Used in Roles:

  • button
  • document
  • link
  • section
  • sectionhead
  • separator
  • window


  • token list
    • copy: A duplicate of the source object will be dropped into the target.
    • move: The source object will be removed from its current location and dropped into the target.
    • link: A reference or shortcut to the dragged object will be created in the target object.
    • execute: A function supported by the drop target is executed, using the drag source as an input.
    • popup: There is a popup menu or dialog that allows the user to choose one of the drag operations (copy, move, link, execute) and any other drag functionality, such as cancel.
    • none (default): No operation can be performed; effectively cancels the drag operation if an attempt is made to drop on this object. Ignored if combined with any other token value. e.g. 'none copy' is equivalent to a 'copy' value.

Indicates what functions can be performed when the dragged object is released on the drop target.

The aria-dropeffect attribute allows assistive technologies to convey the possible drag options available to users, including whether a pop-up menu of choices is provided by the application. Typically, drop effect functions can only be provided once an object has been grabbed for a drag operation as the drop effect functions available are dependent on the object being dragged.

More than one drop effect may be supported for a given element. Therefore, the value of this attribute is a space-delimited set of tokens indicating the possible effects, or none if there is no supported operation. In addition to setting the aria-dropeffect attribute, authors should show a visual indication of potential drop targets.


<element aria-dropeffect="copy|move|link|execute|popup|none" ... /> 

Microsoft Active Accessibility Properties:

  • N/A

UI Automation Properties: 

  • N/A

UI Automation AriaProperties Property:

  • dropeffect
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