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  • String

Used in Roles:

  • All elements of the base markup (Global)
  • No role required


  • ID reference list
  • A space-separated list of ID property values.

Identifies the next element (or elements) in an alternate reading order of content which, at the user's discretion, allows assistive technology to override the general default of reading in document source order.

This property defines element relationships and associations that cannot be readily determined from the document structure.

When the aria-flowto property contains a single ID property, the assistive technology should resume reading at the targeted element. However, when the aria-flowto property contains multiple ID properties, the assistive technology should give users the option of navigating to any targeted element.

In the case of one or more IDREFS, user agents or assistive technologies should give the user the option of navigating to any of the targeted elements. The name of the path can be determined by the name of the target element of the aria-flowto attribute. Accessibility APIs can provide named path relationships.

Note  For cross-browser compatibility, always use the WAI-ARIA attribute syntax to access and modify ARIA properties, for example object.setAttribute("aria-valuenow", newValue).


<element aria-flowto="p" ... >
object.setAttribute("aria-flowto",value);var value = object.getAttribute("aria-flowto");

Microsoft Active Accessibility Properties:

  • N/A

UI Automation Properties: 

  • FlowsTo

UI Automation AriaProperties Property:

  • N/A
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