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  • DOMString

Used in Roles:

  • textbox


  • true/false
    • true: This is a multi-line text box.
    • false (default):  This is a single-line text box.

Indicates whether a text box accepts multiple lines of input or only a single line.

The default behavior of the Enter key depends on whether you type it into a single-line < input type=text> element (submit the form) or a multi-line < textarea> element (insert a new line). You can apply these same default behaviors to the textbox role by using the aria-multiline attribute.

Note: In most user agent implementations, the default behavior of the Enter or Return key is different between the single-line and multi-line text fields in HTML. When user has focus in a single-line element, the keystroke usually submits the form. When user has focus in a multi-line  element, the keystroke inserts a line break. The WAI-ARIA textbox role differentiates these types of boxes with the aria-multiline attribute, so authors are advised to be aware of this distinction when designing the field.


<element aria-multiline="true|false" ... /> 

Microsoft Active Accessibility Properties:

  • N/A

UI Automation Properties: 

  • Document Control Type

UI Automation AriaProperties Property:

  • multiline
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