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Shortened form of a word, phrase, or name where the abbreviation has not become part of the language.

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Accessibility API

Operating systems and other platforms provide a set of interfaces that expose information about objects and events to assistive technologies. Assistive technologies use these interfaces to get information about and interact with those widgets. Examples of accessibility APIs are the Microsoft Active Accessibility [MSAA], the Microsoft User Interface Automation [UIA-ARIA], the Mac OS X Accessibility Protocol [AXAPI], the Linux/Unix Accessibility Toolkit [ATK] and Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface [AT-SPI], and IAccessible2 [IA2].

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Accessibility Feature

A built-in feature of an operating system, media player, browser or other product that is (1) labeled as such and (2) documented according to relevant industry documentation standards.

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Accessibility Supported

Supported by user's assistive technologies as well as the accessibility features in browsers and other user agents.

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Accessible Name

This property in Flash allows assistive technology to identify and name applications and user interface elements. The value assigned to this property is not the same as that assigned to other name properties.

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Accessible Role

This property identifies the generic function of a control to assistive technology. This allows AT to distinguish, for example, a radio button from a checkbox.

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Accessible State

This property identifies the condition of a control to assistive technology. This allows AT to tell, for example, which controls have been selected, which controls are available but not selected, and which controls are unavailable.

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Accessible Value

This property identifies additional information about a control such as position on a slider bar or text in an edit field.

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To execute or carry out one or more behaviors associated with an enabled element or a component of the user agent user interface

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To make the user aware of some event, without requiring acknowledgement.

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Alt Attribute

A textual alternative to non-text content in software applications or on web pages.

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Synonyms - Alt
Alternative Access

Provides users with disabilities with content that is similar or identical to that provided to users without disabilities, but in a format that produces a different user experience.

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Alternative for Time-Based Media

A document including correctly sequenced text descriptions of time-based visual and auditory information and providing a means for achieving the outcomes of any time-based interaction.

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Alternative Input Device

Hardware or software solutions that allow users with mobility impairments to interact with a computer without using a standard mouse or keyboard.

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Synonyms - Alternative Input
Ambiguous to Users in General

The purpose cannot be determined from the link and all information of the Web page presented to the user simultaneously with the link (i.e., readers without disabilities would not know what a link would do until they activated it)

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