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Superclass Role:

  • section

Inherited States and Properties:

  • aria-atomic
  • aria-busy (state)
  • aria-controls
  • aria-describedby
  • aria-disabled (state)
  • aria-dropeffect
  • aria-expanded (state)
  • aria-flowto
  • aria-grabbed (state)
  • aria-haspopup
  • aria-hidden (state)
  • aria-invalid (state)
  • aria-label
  • aria-labelledby
  • aria-live
  • aria-owns
  • aria-relevant

Name From:

  • author

A definition of a term or concept.

The aria specification does not provide a role to specify the definition term, but host languages may provide such an element. If a host language has an appropriate element for the term (e.g., dfn or dt in HTML), authors should include the term in that element. Authors should identify the definition term by using an aria-labelledby attribute on each element with a role of definition.

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