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Superclass Role:

  • menu

Related Concepts:

  • toolbar

Inherited States and Properties:

  • aria-activedescendant
  • aria-atomic
  • aria-busy (state)
  • aria-controls
  • aria-describedby
  • aria-disabled (state)
  • aria-dropeffect
  • aria-expanded (state)
  • aria-flowto
  • aria-grabbed (state)
  • aria-haspopup
  • aria-hidden (state)
  • aria-invalid (state)
  • aria-label
  • aria-labelledby
  • aria-live
  • aria-owns
  • aria-relevant

Name From:

  • author

A presentation of menu that usually remains visible and is usually presented horizontally.

The menubar role is used to create a menu bar similar to those found in Windows, Mac, and Gnome desktop applications. A menu bar is used to create a consistent set of frequently used commands. Authors should ensure that menubar interaction is similar to the typical menu bar interaction in a desktop graphical user interface.

To be keyboard accessible, authors should manage focus of descendants for all instances of this role.

Microsoft Active Accessibility accRole Property: 


UI Automation ControlType Property: 

  • MenuBar

UI Automation AriaRole Property: 

  • menubar
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