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Debra Kyles

I am an Accessibility Engineer,  working with accessibility for about ten years. I have also worked as a UX Designer for about fifteen years. I’ve worked with governments, enterprise businesses, educational institutions and small IT shops.

A few highlights of my work:

  • ·        Helped the University of Minnesota in their efforts to make a PeopleSoft site accessible using a Javascript overlay.
  • ·        Prepared an Accessibility Approach and Plan document for a T-Mobile redesign.
  • ·        Helped Getwell Network make their hospital-based platform accessible.
  • ·        Trained staff at CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) and the Legislative Data Center to test, validate and fix accessibility issues.
  • ·        Served as SME for the State of California EDD modernization project
  • ·        Served as accessibility expert for the National Institute of Standards and Technology to define standards for accessibility in cloud computing.

I love making the web a better place for the 20% of the population who are challenged with disabilities. By including this population in our design, copy and coding decisions, we make the world a more compassionate, empathetic place to live.

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