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Decorative & Duplicate Elements

Must Not

Section 508:

  • N/A

WCAG 2.0:

  • 4.1.1

Hidden, decorative and duplicate content and artifact elements must not be exposed to assistive technologies



HTML Description

HTML Example

HTML Example

HTML Failure

HTML Failure  


Procedures Results
  1. Activate the application with a screen reader.
  2. Locate any images, objects, or elements on that do not have meaning, are visible disabled, or appear obscured.
  3. Attempt to move focus or navigate to the images that do not have meaning.
  4. Verify that the images, objects, or elements do not receive focus and are not rendered by voice output.
  5. If the images, objects, or elements can be navigated to, ensure that they are announced as “unavailable” or “disabled” and verify that they are not actionable.

The following check is true:

  • Decorative, duplicate or hidden content does not receive focus
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