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  • DOMString

Used in Roles:

  • All elements of the base markup (Global)
  • No role required


  • true/false/undefined
    • true: Indicates that the element has been selected for a drag and drop operation.
    • false:  Indicates that the element supports drag and drop but is not currently selected.
    • undefined (default): Indicates that the element does not support drag and drop.

Indicates an element's "grabbed" state in a drag-and-drop operation.

When the aria-grabbed attribute is set to true it has been selected for dragging, false indicates that the element can be grabbed for a drag-and-drop operation, but is not currently grabbed, and undefined (or no value) indicates the element cannot be grabbed (default).

When aria-grabbed is set to true, you should also update the aria-dropeffect attribute of all potential drop targets. When an element is not selected for drag (the value is set to false,undefined, or the attribute is removed), revert the aria-dropeffect attributes of the associated drop targets to none.


<element aria-grabbed="true|false|undefined" ... /> 
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